Oxymoron Entertainment: How Social Media Has Helped Promote New Projects

Social Media has become one of the big influencers in marketing. This type of approach has become an integral part in any successful business marketing strategy. Los Angeles based production company, Oxymoron Entertainment, understands that the world is online and has developed an entire social media division within its marketing department.

Oxymoron Entertainment understands that creating a personal customer experience by engaging users to create more loyalty is more useful than trying to sell.

Oxymoron Entertainment’s CEO & founder, Christopher Mallick, started leveraging blogging to build influence and authority in the entertainment world so that his peers would view him as an expert in the space.

Wise professionals and marketers like Christopher Mallick are continuing to understand the value in blogging, both in the networking value because you become part of the writing community where other writers treat you as a peer, and in the authority you build, becoming an expert and influencer in the space you write about.